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This website aims to be a published record of the families I have researched and am related to. I’ve not named it after a particular name deliberately - I’m related to so many, and I want to encourage everyone to contribute.

There are sharing options available on the research sites of and, but they only provide the basic facts and limited upload capabilities. I want this archive to include published details, but also more specific and relevant information - like studies on a specific name, era or place.

Some of the information available will not be put on this site - information on living people must be carefully protected. Where specific permission is given I’ll include all the information I can. Some areas will be locked down to family members. If you’d like access then please email me using the below link.

Where to start?

  1. Adam Fowler’s ancestor tree

  2. Family name index

  3. Full name index

  4. Place name index

About the Archive